Mindfulness-Based Therapy

In a world full of many daily stressors and distractions, it can often be difficult to draw our attention to the present moment and become attuned to how our thoughts are affecting our emotions and behaviors. When we lack this ability to recognize the effect that our thoughts are having on us, this is where our mental health can begin to suffer. Luckily, practices like mindfulness in combination with therapy can begin to increase awareness of our internal monologues.

VeryWellHealth details how mindfulness-based therapy works by encouraging clients to become aware of their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and surroundings. When clients are able to increase their awareness of these factors, clients gain greater control over automatic thought patterns and behaviors and are able to have a greater sense of autonomy over their mental health. 

Additionally, mindfulness therapy can be combined with other psychotherapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, allowing clients to become more aware of their thoughts and increasing their attention on restructuring those thoughts. 

At Madrigal, we look forward to introducing mindfulness practices into your daily life and are happy to incorporate these practices wherever they may fit into your treatment plan. 

*More information can be found on VeryWellHealth. Click this link to learn more.*

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