Stress Management

Lots of us experience a multitude of daily stressors, from keeping the house organized, making sure our kids are on time for sports practices, and even global stressors like the pandemic. While stressors are an inevitable part of the human experience that often cannot be directly controlled by us, we do have control over how we manage and respond to those stressors, and this is where therapy can help.

GoodTherapy recommends that in order to help with stress, clients should be assisted with recognizing their stress, their triggers for feeling stressed, and their individual situations and environments that may be contributing to this stress. To help manage stress, clients can practice a wide range of self-care activities, including deep breathing, exercise, meditation, engaging in a hobby, and challenging negative thought patterns.

The clinicians at Madrigal are determined to understand your relationship with stress and create a plan for you to take back your life from stress.

*More information can be found on GoodTherapy. Click this link to learn more.*

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