The purpose of parent counseling is to provide parents with knowledge, guidance, tools and skills, and emotional support without judgment about their situation or through a biased lens. Parents can better understand their true parenting style and how different factors within the family dynamic may influence/ultimately change that style. It is also important for the parent to talk through any personal issues they may be facing so that they can more confidently turn toward their role as a parent and emotionally support their child. 

Who can benefit from parent counseling? Individuals who are...

  • Experiencing marital issues --- have a large impact on the children in the household; important to talk through these issues so that the child can grow up looking up to a relationship that the parents are proud of displaying.
  • Experiencing health issues --- Physical and mental health issues can prevent parents from being as present in the family dynamic as they would like to
  • In the process of separation or getting divorced --- This situation impacts the children greatly, and parents must be equipped to handle the varying emotions that will come from their children and help them navigate that physical and emotional transition.
  • Dealing with loss --- If a parent is having trouble processing whatever loss has occurred, this could lead them to neglect parental responsibilities and handle the loss in an unhealthy or solitary way.
  • Struggling with children/teen problems --- Learning how to communicate a child that is going through a life transition period and who is going through many different struggles as a young individual is key in proper communication that avoids shaming.

How can parent counseling benefit the individual and the family?

  • A therapist can provide an outsider's perspective on a parenting style or family dynamic and can help parents see their situation in a new light
  • Deeper understanding of parenting style --- Help sort through what has/hasn't worked in your parenting efforts and how to make these align with the values you want to bring into the parenting relationship 
  • Better conflict skills --- learn how to handle conflict better in other aspects of your life, teaching your child that conflict can be healthy and a good opener for communication instead of having to result in violence or confusion
  • Manage parental expectations --- if a situation arises so that the parent or the child can't win in a situation, it may be time to step back and reevaluate what you are expecting out of your child

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*This information was adapted from Fifth Street Counseling. Click here to learn more information.*