It is a counselor's job to affirm a client's gender identity and sexual orientation and to work through any problems, be they societal or personal, that may arise due to their identity. For example, the social stigma of living as a minority can be a source of anxiety or stress. 

Locating a mental health professional who has experience and familiarity with the myriad challenges the community faces can be critical to successful outcomes.

What issues might LGBTQ+ individuals face?

  • Dealing with discrimination, coming out to loved ones, and trying to figure out a sense of identity that is "authentic" in the light of social pressure to act and be a certain way can lead to negative mental health outcomes, such as depression, anxiety, and more.
  • Discrimination comes in many different forms, including social rejection and verbal/physical bullying
  • This discrimination can carry into adulthood and take on new forms, such as discrimination in housing, employment, education, and human rights

Here at Madrigal, we are committed to addressing LGBTQ+-related issues in a holistic manner.

*This information was adapted from Good Therapy. Click here to learn more information.*