Individuals of the LGBTQIA+ community have faced countless systemic barriers to mental health treatment and have encountered significant pushback throughout history because of their identities. Good Therapy notes that stigma due to being a social minority can weigh heavily on the LGBTQIA+ community. Therefore, it is the job of the clinician to be aware of these histories and provide a safe processing space for LGBTQIA+ clients. 

As clinicians, we won’t pretend to be the experts of your lived experience. While we can do our best to educate ourselves on historical and societal discrimination, we must also recognize it is our job to hold space for you to tell your story, and we want to honor that as best as we can. With all therapy, it is best practice to be client-centered, but especially so when it comes to helping clients with identities we do not hold. We look forward to meeting clients where they’re at with their identities and lived experiences. 

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