Grief Counseling

The grieving process looks different for everyone. We are often told that grief follows a neat, linear progression until we suddenly reach a magical stage of acceptance. In reality, though, grief is messy; the fact that it is a human universal emotion points to the fact that it cannot be easily categorized into the stages we’re familiar with. It is important for clinicians to hold space for whichever part of grief you find yourself in along your journey — as well as allow individuals to be open and honest about if feelings come up again — and that is something that we strive to do here at Madrigal. 

Web MD identifies some of the symptoms of grief as feeling intense emotional distress, feeling empty, persistent thinking about what was lost, and detachment and isolation. In order to assist a client through the grieving process, the process should focus on reaching a place of accepting the reality of the loss, and how to manage the pain that grief has brought upon the client. A big part of treatment is demystifying the concept of grief, such that the client recognizes that grieving is a normal and expected response to loss. 

*More information can be found on WebMD. Click this link to learn more.*

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