Family Counseling

Working through issues as a family can be extremely difficult, as each family member has a unique relationship with other family members and a unique relationship with the family as a whole. Additionally, since individuals can become so entrenched in a certain family dynamic, it can be difficult to tell if issues that seem “normal” warrant counseling. However, family counseling can aid with a wide range of familial conflict and emotional problems. 

Very Well Mind identifies several different ways that family counseling can be presented to clients. These include family systems (strengths-based approach to overcome difficulties), functional family (addressing younger family members that may have difficulties with self-regulation and risk-taking), narrative family (each member of the family contributes a unique story to the overall dynamic, and overlap between stories can begin to be picked apart), and psychoeducation (providing educational materials to inform family members).

Madrigal strives to facilitate a neutral processing space for families to come together and share openly and honestly with one another. 

*More information can be found on Very Well Mind. Click this link to learn more.* 

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