Conflict Resolution Therapy

Conflict resolution therapy designs primarily for couples and friendships to work through issues. 

How did conflict resolution therapy come about?

  • There was a recognition that people can communicative in a more collaborative way when conflict resolution is addressed and skills are developed. 
  • The goal is that all the parties involved can feel as if they have achieved a "win-win" scenario 

What are the techniques involved in conflict resolution therapy?

  • When we are in conflict, negative emotions can form out of an individual's natural response system 
  • If conflict is not addressed appropriately or at the root cause, negative emotional states can linger and develop into situations that can have lasting consequences 
  • Fight --- person may attempt to dominate the person or situation; this can lead to things like anger, paranoia, and borderline functioning
  • Flight --- person tries to avoid, distract, or leave from the situation; this can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and isolation 
  • Submit --- a person may be overly accommodating and gives in too easily; can lead to depression 
  • Immobilization --- person is unable to act or make decisions; can lead to anxiety issues, including panic attacks and isolation 
  • People are taught skills that can allow them to find harmony with one another and unite when facing tough situations --- work together instead of becoming combative 
  • Basic steps during the process of treatment:
    • Expression of initial positions 
    • Exploration of underlying concerns (focusing on core concerns)
    • Creating and establishing a mutually agreed-upon plan that meets the needs of both parties involved 
  • Balance a mix of therapy and skills training 
    • If a family origin issue comes up during therapy

How can conflict resolution therapy help?

  • This therapy is based on the assumption that conflict lies at the root of emotional distress 
  • Conflict can be the result of one or more concerns 
  • Conflict resolution can take note of core concerns and encourage the exploration of of these concerns 

Here at Madrigal, we are committed to addressing issues related to stress management in a holistic manner.

*This information was adapted from Good Therapy. Click this link for more information.*