Career Counseling

The purpose of career/work counseling is to help individuals choose, change, or leave a career/job. This can occur through providing information about different careers, talk about career development, and/or administer aptitude tests and interpret them through the experiences of the client. 

How can this help with choosing a career?

  • Achieved through assessing individuals' skills and needs/desires/what they would like to get out of a career or job 
  • Questions to consider:
    • What types of careers do you think would bring you joy?
    • What do I fun and fulfilling?
    • What are the different skills that I already have, and skills that I would like to develop, and how do those relate to a career I want?
    • What do I value?
    • Is it important for me to be of service to other people?

How can career counseling help?

  • Helps an individual explore their skills and strengths, consider education levels/continuing education, and understand interests and personality type 
  • Understand talents, potential earnings, day-to-day life, opportunities for advancement, etc.

Here at Madrigal, we are committed to addressing issues related to careers and work in a holistic manner.

*This information was adapted from Good Therapy. Click this link for more information.*