Solution-Focused Therapy

This is a strength-based approach to therapy and is considered part of the constructive therapeutic technique. This means that people are meaning-makers and can create their own realities and find meaning in their lives. 

Therapist does not posit themselves as an expert but comes from the point of view of not knowing all the answers and acts as a guide. The focus is usually shifted to what is working in the clients life (i.e., finding their strengths and how they are currently playing out in the client's life). 

What techniques are used in solution-focused therapy?

  • Miracle questions --- this is used to ask the client to consider life without the problem by setting up a scene where a miracle happens and the problem is gone 
  • Exception questions --- ask clients to identify times when things have been different for them 
  • Scaling questions --- "If 10 is the most anxious and 1 is the most relaxed, what number would you put yourself on right no?"
  • This works best a client is trying to reach one of their goals or overcome a problem 
  • This can stand alone as a therapeutic intervention or can be used along with other therapy styles

Here at Madrigal, we are committed to using solution-focused therapy to help you reach your best potential. 

*This information was adapted from Very Well Mind. Click here to learn more information.*