Person-Centered Therapy

This is a non-directive form of talk therapy in which the client acts as an equal in the therapeutic process, and the therapist remains non-judgmental and non-directive, meaning they do not pass judgments on feelings or offer suggestions/solutions. The therapist believes that people have a self-actualizing tendency; they have a desire to fulfill their potential and become the best they can be. 

What are the techniques used in person-centered therapy?

  • Genuineness and congruence --- therapists acts in alignment with their own thoughts and feelings; creates an open and honest environment 
    • Sometimes, an individual's self-concept is consistent with reality; in other cases, self=perceptions are unrealistic or not in tune with what actually exists in the world
  • Unconditional positive regard --- therapist always accepts the client for who they are displays and supports and cares no matter what the client may be facing; therapist models positive feelings and reassurance, practices active listening, responsive eye contact, and positive body language
  • Empathetic understanding --- therapist will act as a mirror of the clients feelings and thoughts and reflect them back to the client for their own processing
  • Ultimately, these help the client grow psychologically, gain self-awareness, and change their behavior through self-direction 

Here at Madrigal, we are committed to using person-centered therapy to help you reach your best potential. 

*This information was adapted from Very Well Mind. Click here to learn more information.*