Person-Centered Therapy

Similar to solution-focused therapy, person-centered therapy (PCT) seeks to actualize a client's own potential within themselves. VeryWellMind details 3 key aspects of person-centered therapy. These include genuineness and congruence (a therapist is authentic and portrays a genuine image of themselves to the client), unconditional positive regard (a therapist accepts the client for who they are no matter what and is reassuring to the client’s feelings), and empathetic understanding (a therapist acts as a mirror of the client’s thoughts and feelings and projects them back onto the client in order for the client to process them). 

We believe that the most important aspect of PCT is sitting with a client’s feelings and thoughts in the moment, allowing them to process them out loud with a therapist who is able to empathize and summarize what the client is going through. We at Madrigal are committed to providing person-centered counseling to those who would benefit from hearing what they are processing reflected back to them non-judgmentally.  

*More information can be found on VeryWellMind. Click this link to learn more.*

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