Adjusting to Change/Life Transitions

Stress comes with a multitude of different life transitions, be they positive or negative. It can be helpful to talk through these different stressors with others in order to process them, as well as the different emotions that can accompany them. 

How can change be beneficial?

Changes, especially if they are difficult ones, can influence personal growth. Dealing with the change as it comes can make someone stronger, more confident, and better prepared for the future. They can encourage the development of new skills and knowledge and might bring awareness of a condition or group. Also, change can help make clear what is important in one's life and allow for greater self-discovery and self-awareness. 

How can someone be prepared for and deal with change?

  • Research an upcoming change --- stress often develops from the unknown, but if someone is well-informed, stress can be more easily handled. 
  • Attending to one's physical and mental health --- being healthy in mind and body can make it easier to handle stressors and change in the future.
  • Take time to relax --- develop coping and calming strategies for when life events become 
  • Limiting change --- adjusting to change takes time, and keeping changes relatively distinct and separate (as much as one can control) can help limit stress.
  • Discussing difficulties adapting with another person 

What is adjustment disorder?

Adjustment disorder occurs when a major life stress or change disrupts normal coping mechanisms and can make it difficult for a person to cope with new circumstances. Symptoms usually begin to appear within 3 months after the life change and can include a depressed/anxious mood, changes in habits, stress, panic, and changes in sleeping and eating. 

What does therapy for change look like?

  • Talking about changes in life can help an individual cope with dramatic changes in life 
  • Life changes tend to produce other symptoms like stress and anxiety, and a therapist can help someone deal with these co-occurring symptoms

Here at Madrigal, we are committed to  to helping you through life transitions to reach your best potential. 

*This information was adapted from Good Therapy. Click here to learn more information.*