Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

Just as the treatment for drug use is complex and individual, so is the initial reason for developing an addiction. Addictive behaviors cannot be viewed simply as a result of an individuals’ agency or choices; rather, people can often be drawn to addiction through downstream effects of societal forces, such as poverty and lack of adequate mental health services to help with comorbid disorders. When one is consistently compelled to use a drug or substance, it can be hard for that person to break the cycle of use. Madrigal is committed to approaching each case of drug addiction and recovery as individual and worthy of a personalized approach. 

WebMD states that individuals will encounter numerous triggers in their everyday lives that may lead to engaging in drug use again, such as stress and being in social networks that also use drugs frequently. Therefore, counseling for substance use can help identify these triggers and figure out how to cope with them when they arise. 

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