Trauma-Focused Care

Often, experiences of traumatic events go unprocessed and remain buried deep within an individual. Our society and relationships are often not set up to produce an environment where these experiences can easily be talked about. Thus, it is important that spaces are cultivated in which individuals’ stories are respected, fully listened to, and client-centered interventions are implemented. 

The Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center enumerates 6 principles of trauma-informed care, including safety, trustworthiness and transparency, peer support, collaboration, empowerment, and humility and responsiveness. 

As healthcare professionals, we must strive to cultivate a safe space that includes these criteria, and here at Madrigal, we strive to allow our clients to occupy a space where they feel heard and seen.

*More information can be found on the Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center website. Click this link to learn more.*

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