School-Related Issues

Navigating a school environment can be difficult for anyone to handle. Not only do students have to manage exploring their identities in an environment in which being socially acceptable and following the crowd is normal, but each person is walking into the classroom dealing with external social and societal pressures that often go unsaid as they emotionally and educationally learn. 

The American Counseling Association identifies best practices when providing counseling care for school-related issues, including listening without judgment, exploring the child’s world beyond the walls of the school, and advocating for students. At Madrigal, we recognize that school-related issues don’t exist singularly without influence from the rest of the student’s life. We’re committed to making sure that students feel comfortable enough to talk about a wide range of presenting issues. 

  • *More information can be found on The American Counseling Association. Click this link to learn more.*

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