Combat/Military PTSD

While engaging in combat can be physically damaging to an individual, an often unspoken component of living through these environments can have long-lasting emotional consequences and negative effects on veterans’ mental health. The Wounded Warrior Project shares that effects of engaging in combat can range from minor to more severe consequences, from fatigue, loss of concentration, to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Furthermore, many veterans of combat find themselves engaging in alcohol/drug use, struggling with depression, and having suicidal ideation.

The first step to destigmatize the emotional side effects of combat are to talk about them. It is our mission to provide a gentle space to process any and all emotions a client may have surrounding their time in combat and afterward. You don’t deserve to go through these feelings alone.

*More information can be found on the Wounded Warrior Project. Click this link to learn more.*

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