According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is a mood disorder wherein an individual has a consistent stretch of time where they “feel blue” and don’t feel like engaging in their normal routine. This disorder is usually characterized by feeling down, changes in sleep patterns, feeling guilt, and many more. While it is normal to feel sad every once in a while, especially when experiencing episodes of grief, depression can take a serious hold on an individual so that this is the dominant emotion that they are experiencing. While depression is a serious disorder that can have many negative implications if left untreated, there is hope. Medication and effective techniques, like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, are effective in helping clients who are going through a period of depression. 

At Madrigal, we know how difficult it can be to seek treatment, especially when feeling a certain way becomes all-encompassing. We are committed to hearing your story of depression and working with you to find your inner strength. 

*More information can be found on the American Psychiatric Association. Click this link to learn more.