Conflict Resolution Therapy

In all types of relationships, conflict is bound to happen. Since every person has a unique set of desires and values, it makes sense that behaviors that others do will not always match with what we believe in. The key to healthy relationships is how not to manage conversations IF conflict happens, but have a strategic game plan for WHEN conflict happens. 

Good Therapy identifies some core steps to follow when in the conflict resolution therapeutic space. Each individual should lay out exactly where they are feeling without worrying about retaliation or judgment, and the other individual(s) should hold space for the others. Once individuals involved in the conflict are allowed to disclose exactly how they are feeling, a clinician can mediate the conflict by helping each individual process their core concerns, finding concerns and worries that overlap with one another. Then, a plan can be developed with the clients and therapists for how to manage conflict and make sure that each individual’s needs can be accounted for. 

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