Career Counseling

Figuring out a career that is fulfilling, brings us joy, and is in line with a lot of our core values can be extremely challenging. Furthermore, we can often find ourselves working at a company or in a field that does not provide us with those necessities, leading to anxiety, burnout, and dissatisfaction. Career counseling can help process these changes and meet individuals wherever they are in the career development process.

Good Therapy identifies some key questions to consider and that come up during career counseling sessions. Clinicians may ask questions to clients that probe what activities bring clients the most joy, their current and desired skill sets, and their values. Engaging in this introspection can help choose an initial career, as well as reevaluate a current career path that one is considering to see if that path will likely provide happiness and fulfillment. 

Here at Madrigal, we understand that in a changing, dynamic, and increasingly globalized world with so many different opportunities, doubts about one’s career and place in the world are going to be inevitable. We are here to help you work through these options and overcome any hesitancies or trepidations as you move forward. 

*More information can be found on Good Therapy. Click this link to learn more.*

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